A Papillon customer is a consumer who demands value in the form of quality at a comeptittive price. We offer broad selections of prodcuts; as dresses, skirts, tops, camisoles, tanks, jackets, blouses, pants, shawls, cardigans, scarves and handbags. Our price points vary from moderate to better. Papillon, Kroshetta and Hibis can be bought in sizes: XS-S-M-L-XL. You can find three of our lines in specialty boutiques, chain stores, catalog companies, and department stores. We also specialize in product development and "private labels."

Papillon develops, and produces distinctive lines of contemporary women's apparel and accessories. We market our products under three different labels. Papillon, Kroshetta, and Hibis.

Company History
Papillon has been operating out of its Los Angeles corporate office for the past twenty-five years. Papillon's great team of people put their minds together into creating, operating, managing, manufacturing and marketing in the United States and overseas. We also have several factories and units in India, China and Bali, which help us to serve our customers that have fast-paced needs. You can find our several showrooms in the USA, Mexico, Canada and Puerto Rico. Also our sales representatives periodically traveling to visit our customers on locations and we also participate in major apparel and gift shows
(see annual events).

Mission Statement
Papillon's mission is to satisfy the fashion needs of a modern, detail oriented, and elegant woman.

Clothing Lines:
  • Papillon
    a hot line of women's contemporary social occasion dresses and related separates. The line is recognized by its touches of bead work, embroidery and prints.
  • Kroshetta
    a linke of delicately hand knitted crochet dresses, sets and separates from China.
  • Hibis
    a line of rayon cut work dresses and sets from exotic Bali.
    Our garments are easy-to-wear, unique, fun, elegant, sexy and noticeable. The line can be fit into an everyday occasion as well as into the evening as a result of a "social occasion." While we attrract a large clientele, our target customers are twenty-five to forty year old women that seek current fashion trends interpreted to suit their lifestyle needs.
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